Becoming a Man of Valor

Faithful & True

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Gone are the days of knights and chivalry, but, that hasn’t changed God’s vision of you as a man of valor. Integrity and honor are elusive in a world that has lost its moral compass, yet every man should strive to possess those qualities. In Latin, integrity means being a whole person, becoming complete with no cracks or fissures. Having integrity means we will act at all times according to our faith. The Hebrew word for honor was an expression of value and worth for others. Both of these qualities can be seen in Jesus’ interactions with others in the gospel of John. “Becoming a Man of Valor” will take you on a journey to engage this wisdom from the life of Jesus. While the book’s title is directed toward men, the principles are applicable to both men and women seeking integrity and honor in their lives.

Author: Mark Laaser
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
Published Date: 11/8/2011 12:00:00 AM

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